Machine Cosmetology


Microdermabrasion is a mild non-invasive treatment that exfoliates dead skin cell layer and leaves the skin revitalised and rejuvenated without any downtime or side effects. Skin will appear fresh and will reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and acne scars leaving you with natural looking results instantly.

Benefits include:

  • Brighten dull complexion
  • Lighten acne scars
  • Improves pigmentation and melasma
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Even out skin toe and improve skin texture
  • Helps skin care products penetrate deeper


LED Light Therapy

LED is a low level light energy which uses different wavelenghts (colors) to target different skin problems. There are seven different colors of light wave that penetrates far beneath the surface of the skin without causing any damage LED light is very safe , painless and cost effective with no downtime.
RED LIGHT helps rejuvenate and repair the skin while treating ageing skin, acne & rosacea. It improves healing process, promotes collagen formation, inhibits melanin production, brightens and lightens the skin, increases skin elasticity, reduces fine line and wrinkles, shrinks pores.
BLUE LIGHT – treats acne by killing acne bacteria, reduces inflammation, repair scarring.
GREEN LIGHT – treats pigmentation, melasma, age spots.
YELLOW LIGHT – improves lymphatic drainage and toxin elimination, enhances skin texture and tone.
PURPLE LIGHT – repairing skin texture, targets acne and scarring.
CYANINE LIGHT – promote cell renewal. 
WHITE LIGHT.. Improves fines lines, tightens skin, improves pigmentation

High Frequency

High frequency uses alternating current to conduct energy through the gas in the glass electrodes. The glass electrodes contain either Argon or Neon gas. When light energy passes through the electrode it forms an electric filed around the electrode. High frequency can be used after extractions to shrink the pores, kill bacteria, drying excess sebum and oil, increasing healing process, improving skin texture and tone. Argon gas electrodes are used to treat acne prone skin. An extremely small amount of ultra violet light energy is emitted around the electrode. Such low level UV light exposure is safe and provides excellent anti-bacterial and healing benefits. The Neon gas electrodes are used to treat aging skin because they provide more warmth to the treatment area which promotes blood circulation, improves cell turn-over and product penetration, causes collagen stimulation and skin tightening.

Galvanic Current Therapy

Galvanic current is a direct current of reduced voltage which passes through certain serums containing acids and salts to remove excess sebum and waste matter that covers the skin. 
It is a form of more profound cleansing which helps in reduction of blemishes and infuses serums into deeper layers of skin. 
Regular galvanic current treatments can take years off of your skin and help your skin tighten naturally giving your skin a youthful, healthy luminous glow.
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