We are Oakville’s first and only MEdi Spa to offer BACIAL ( a back treatment).

Bacial can be done to treat acne, pigmentation, scars, stretch marks or to improve overall skin texture and tone.
Recommended to do before summer time so you can get that sexy beach body ready!

There are many different options to choose from depending on what your main skin concern are:

  • MICRODERMABRASION: to treat pigmentation, scarring, dull complecxtion and improve overall skin texture and tone. 

  • DERMASOUND: to cleanse and open congested clogged skin pores and to do superficial skin exfoliation. 

  • HIGH FREQUENCY: to treat acne.

  • CHEMICAL PEELS: to treat pigmentation, acne, sun damage spots, redness or scars.

  • SKIN NEEDLING: to treat stretch marks or deep scars.

  • A CUSTOMISED TREATMENT: with microdermabrasion, dermasound, high frequency and targeted masks and serums to target different skin concerns in one treatment.


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