by anjum / April 7, 2019

Anti-Aging Tips

The Following tips are from Alumier MD 1) Wear sunscreen every day.  Up to 90% of aging is due to sun exposure, making sunscreen use the...

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by anjum / March 31, 2019

How Does Pollution Affect Skin?

WHAT IS POLLUTION? As we all know air is essential for life as it supplies us with oxygen. But the...

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by anjum / March 25, 2019

Why Fresh Is Best

A little-known fact that not everyone may know is, that when it comes to certain ingredients, the freshness of that...

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by anjum / March 17, 2019

Key Eye Care Tips That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

What’s the first thing you notice when you look in the mirror? Your eyes and what surrounds them. Whether you’re...

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by anjum / March 10, 2019

Why Does Healthy Skin Glow?

We’ve all been there. When we notice something is off about our skin. The complexion is clear, but it’s lacking...

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by anjum / March 3, 2019


Let's talk about acne first Acne is the most common skin disorder affecting millions of people. Almost 85% of all...

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by anjum / February 24, 2019


WHY IS SKIN HYDRATION IMPORTANT? Aside from sunscreen, moisturizer is the most crucial part of any skin-care routine. Dehydrated skin...

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by anjum / February 17, 2019


MOST EFFECTIVE PRODUCT TO PREVENT AGING? You guys will be surprised to know its sunscreen. Yes. You read that right. A...

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by anjum / February 10, 2019

What is Hyperpigmentation?

WHAT IS HYPERPIGMENTATION? Hyperpigmentation is characterized by overproduction of a naturally existing pigment in our body called Melanin. Melanin is...

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by anjum / February 3, 2019


CLEANSING. Lets talk about WHY and WHEN to cleanse your face?You should cleanse twice a day, morning and night. Here's why? IMPORTANCE...

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