Collagen Induction Therapies

Vitamin Infusion Therapy

Is your skin looking dull, tired, wrinkled or dehydrated? Try our Vitamin Infusion treatment which will feed your skin with vitamins and nutrients that will target your specific skin concerns to instantly lift your complexion.It is an ideal treatment for special night outs or if your skin needs an instant pick me up treatment.It works by applying a thick layer of anti-aging and corrective serums to the skin and injected into the deeper layers of skin using a micro current therapy without needles.This facial feeds the deeper skin cells and gives an intense boost to the skin to instantly soften fine lines while leaving the skin plump and hydrated.


MesoLift is a Needle-Free Mesotherapy procedure which uses electroporation and electro-osmosis techniques. These techniques, without using injection needles, easily and effectively inject high energy nutrition serums into the skin cells. The electric current vibrations disperse the serum molecules and temporarily open channels in the cell membranes to allow quick and direct penetration of product into the skin cells. The client will feel pin prick electric current waves. 
This treatment can be used to inject any serum depending on client’s skin concerns, for example, skin tightening, acne, pigmentation, scars, dehydrated skin, improving skin tone and texture etc
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