Clients can come in for a free consultation. We use a UV light advance technology to help identify various skin problems underneath the superficial skin layer.

UV light highlights different layers of skin to identify sun damage, pigmentation, scarring, acne, wrinkles, clogged pores, dead skin, dehydration, congestion,  excess sebum production, texture, tone of skin and much more.

After a UV lamp analysis we use a LCD skin care digital analyzer to test moisture level, oil secretion level, texture and smoothness of skin which determines your skin condition as normal, dry, oily or combination to help you choose the right skin care products for your specific skin condition.

After a thorough skin analysis we recommend different treatment plans and skin care products according to your specific skin needs.

We offer 25% discount for new clients as well as discounts on package deals. Check our promotions and follow us on our instagram and Facebook page to find more about our weekly and monthly promotions

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